Cyber Security

  • Hackers today are organized like private companies worldwide. They earn their money with extortion, which is illegal, but normally cannot be prosecuted.
  • Even small SMEs are targets of attack today, because there are practically no businesses left that do not depend on their IT.
  • Therefore it is important to backup your data on at least 3 independent data carriers.
  • We analyze your iT infrastructure and show you how to protect yourself effectively.

Video Surveillance

  • Who tried to trespass your company premises ?
  • We don't know either, but we will show you how to find out in the future.


  • Today, there is practically no company that can work without the Internet.
  • However, Internet access is also the most dangerous gateway for intruders into your company network.
  • Therefore, this port of entry into your network must be protected by a firewall.
  • What is a firewall ?
  • Don't worry, we know everything about it!
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